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Unlock U with Dr. Shannan Crawford

Oct 10, 2021

Today we dig deeper to reveal common issues beneath addiction and why we end up using drugs, sex, alcohol, food, even work, to self-medicate what remains unresolved in the unconscious mind. Avoidance and control are common strategies to stop addiction and yet, by not resolving the unconscious dynamics, we are left whack-a-moling symptoms the rest of our lives which can get really frustrating and exhausting. Satchel Stillwell shares his experience of his relationship with drugs to avoid the inner realities he realized he was trying to avoid. He had to recognize that each time he went to drugs, was to alleviate underlying unresolved emotions. This is an excellent discussion on how we can unlock the grip of addiction and encounter the best version of ourselves. 

There is no shame or condemnation if you or a loved one have experienced addiction. You are not alone, you can succeed, and you are worth the investment! 

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