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Unlock U with Dr. Shannan Crawford

Oct 17, 2021

Self, success, fame, money, pleasure, peace. We all have a god. What are you worshipping? 


This week Jasmine Tate, worship leader, songwriter, and musician tells her story of going from laying down idols and the fear of man to learning what pleases the Lord. She shares how everything changes when we worship in His presence. There is a grace, and supernatural empowerment, to say yes, allowing the Lord to be first in our hearts. This should be our obsession—staying in His presence always! Chains are broken. Suddenly, fear, depression, anxiety, and the cares of this world melt away. Everything we need is found in Him. 


Join us as we discuss the power of surrender and what happens when we believe God is good. We don’t have to understand, even when we are led down a surprising, scary path that does not fit our goals, talents, or aspirations. He knows what truly satisfies our hearts. God synergistically weaves our story to complete the vision He placed within us. We can trust Him, knowing His character and the kindness of His heart. Filled with authenticity and humility, Jasmine’s story clearly shows that it’s always worth it to give our YES to the Lord! 

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