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Unlock U with Dr. Shannan Crawford

Sep 19, 2021

This week brings such an important discussion on understanding our biased viewpoints and how we must learn to be open minded, and open hearted. With racial tensions and stereotypes, many are left hurting due to other’s preconceived ideas. 

I am so grateful to have Pastor Tekoa Pouerie with us today. She is a Nonprofit Executive overseeing annual philanthropic and development strategies of 10 million in revenue. Additionally, Tekoa is an Implicit/Explicit Bias Subject Matter Expert Trainer for The National Criminal Justice Institute at Fox Valley, where she travels the country training Law Enforcement, Judges and Youth Program Providers. For over a decade, Tekoa has researched Disproportionate Minority Contact and has been awarded multiple grants from the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (D.J.J.) to train law enforcement. 

Not only do her credentials speak to her brilliance and excellence, she is also an incredible leader, faith builder, and facilitator of reconciliation. Join this important discussion now!

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